(First Impressions) Basses for Newbies Bass 1-3

I finished mixing the clips I recorded at my last session, but the sound files didn't come out that good due to operator error. I was monitoring the pre signal instead of post and there may have been some clipping. I'll get better samples recorded in the next few days. But, for now, here are the "somewhat useable" ones. I should have been more careful.

The signal chain for the bass channel is:

Countryman DI -->modded Ampex 351 preamp --> MCI JH-600 console --> AD converter --> Logic Studio

I tried to make it sound nice, but still be "honest". Usually, we've been tracking through a Sadowsky outboard preamp/DI, but I didn't put that in because it colors the sound. . . colors it in a way that I like, but you get a better feel for the natural sound of the bass without it.

Solo tracks are parallel mode on the pickups, tone wide open, volume full up. I don't know what's happening on the jam clip in terms of bass settings, but the signal chain is the same. There is significant bleed however from the drum mics in the room. There is no EQ or compression on the bass (though I should have going in for all that slapping. . . would have avoided that ugly clipping).

I'll get better samples up when I can be in the studio at a time when I can actually focus on what I'm doing. The people itching to buy #2 and #3 are going to be pissed that I want to do more "testing".
The good news is people love the way these basses play. . . the bad news is, the bass teachers and working professionals like them so much that they want to keep them for their own personal use. . . it's really the children that ultimately suffer. If anyone viewing this thread knows a way I can get my hands on more old-headstock 4 string SX P or J basses or if anyone has "outgrown" theirs, please let me know. I will buy them, fix them proper, and put them to good use. Perhaps the children will even benefit :P

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