(audio clips) Basses for Newbies - Bass 1-3 Studio Testing

Not much progress lately on the 2nd batch of basses. I'm waiting for some parts to come in the mail. I ran out of copper shielding foil so I bought some directly from Hong Kong via Ebay. Quality looks good. I don't need the conductive adhesive because I solder the joints. . . plus, the conductive adhesive on the Stewmac stuff has measurably less conductivity than the soldered joint.

I went into the studio last night and recorded some VERY nice test samples of all 3 basses in different genres utilizing some different control/pickup settings on the bass. I will need to mix those down and post, but for now (jasaman on the bass):

#1 and #3 are now gone to their respective new homes and making music! This critical audio test was the last thing I needed all 3 basses to be in one place for.

Ok. . . here are the first of the samples. Now you guys can argue amongst yourselves about how these things sound and which one is better. Standard parallel mode both pups wide open, tone wide open.

2nd set of samples. Neck pup up full, Bridge pup off, tone open.

3rd set. . . Bridge pickup full up, neck pickup off

4th set. . . Series mode wide open

5th set:

6th set:

. . . please discuss amongst yourselves. Jasaman thinks #3 rulez. . . I think they're all wrong and #4 will rule them all :P Everyone has their opinions on which one sounds best for what. . . as a baseline though, they all play and handle great and are perfectly capable of getting the job done.

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