Basses for Newbies - Bass #3 sold

I spent a few hours today meeting up with the guy who helped start this whole idea.

We chatted a while and fine tuned the settings on #1 and #3. I think we have them really dialed now down to the minutest of adjustments. He left with #3 and tonight, #3 is in the "wild" at the Madrone Art Bar in San Francisco. . . don't know if I'll be able to clean the greasy funk off of it afterwards

preliminary reports from the field are good (via iphone):

"First set is over and the bass rules. I'll freaking take it. The only thing to consider is the pickups. They may not be ready to hang with the big boys. They break up when really pushed. It feels and sounds incredible. #3 is the one for me! The band loves it too." - Jasaman

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