Vocal Microphone and Capsule Testing

Time for another round of studio tests.  I have been working on a developing variety of microphone projects lately and have come to discover that good, actionable information about various microphone components is actually quite scarce on the internet.  Usually tiny gems of data are scattered all over the internet and buried hundreds of posts deep in often un-related web forum topics.  To compound the problem, egos, chest thumping, marketing hype, "trade-secrets", and general online drama often cloud discussions or turn into useless drivel.

Also, due to the infinite range of recording environments and monitoring systems, the often-provided lone audio sample can only describe a condition to a certain extent.  One mic is "open". . . well, compared to what?  Another one could be "opener".  Because of this,  I have found relative data to be more helpful, but that requires repetitive, structuring testing in a reasonably controlled way different from regular music production.  Even then,  concrete conclusions are hard to find and it is difficult to establish a "baseline", but in the end, these devices must be judged and improved by listening and meaningful comparison.  So, even if messy and imperfect, we must try.

With that as a framework, I entered the studio earlier today with a trunk full of DIY microphones and prototypes to test and attempt to provide some actionable information for people looking to build recording microphones.

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