"Needy Healing" - Used Parts Overwatch PC Build - PART 5

With the system build complete, it's time to get all of our software installed and get to the business of setting up a stable overclock to see if this old CPU can run Overwatch smoothly.  As this is the first time I am overclocking a PC, I am sure the process of getting everything sorted out will involve a lot of trial and error, but fortunately, we are using core components that did not break the bank!  So, this sets up a great opportunity to be a little bit adventurous and learn as much as I can about the process.

"Needy Healing" - Used Parts Overwatch PC Build - PART 4

Time to assemble the parts!  In this segment, I will test, clean, and assemble the parts for this budget/performance Overwatch PC build.  The process should be pretty similar to most other PC assembly guides, but follow along if you want to see me muddle my way through this build after the jump.