"Needy Healing" - Used Parts Overwatch PC Build - PART 3

Case hacking!  This would be the first time I have modded a PC case, and luckily, this project will provide me with a great learning opportunity.  For this build, I obtained a Thermaltake Tsunami case for free as it came attached the the Craigslist power supply.  I had originally planned to use an entry level Corsair SPEC-01 case, but after poking around this old case, I started to see some good potential.  It has higher "cool factor"and saving $25 on the tight overall budget by using a free part is always a bonus!

"Needy Healing" - Used Parts Overwatch PC Build - PART 2

These are my adventures in parts hunting for the used budget/performance PC build introduced here:

"Needy Healing" Used Parts Overwatch PC Build - INTRODUCTION

In this post, I will go into some details about how I collected the components for this gaming build and some of the reasons for selecting them.  Feel free to skip through to PART 3 if the short list provided in the introduction is enough, and you want to get right into the build action.

"Needy Healing" - Used Parts Overwatch PC Build - INTRODUCTION

After over 10 years away from computer gaming, I got sucked back in when a friend put out a request to see if anyone was interested in starting to play Overwatch together.  While searching for information about building a gaming PC, I became intrigued with the idea of used parts, price/performance builds and began monitoring local Craigslist computer parts ads as well as Ebay auctions.  In my over-zealous and often misdirected parts collecting, I accumulated more components than I actually needed for my computing needs.  At that point, the obvious thing to do was to double down and keep buying MORE parts to assemble a complete system from all of the extras!