U87 Studio Test

Because it was national soundcheck day "12-12-12", we went into the studio to get a few samples of our U87 clone microphone detailed previously. Figured I'd stir the pot a bit Anyways, it was just acoustic guitars this time, but we were able to put a few mics up to compare. Among them, 2 original vintage U87's. We did not get the Klaus U87 up because our friend down the street who own it was having a pretty rough day. He had to put his dog down who he had been walking for near 20 years, so it was all-in-all a bad day to be borrowing mics.

Test signal chain for this studio test is as follows:
Microphone --> Great River preamp --> apogee rosetta 800 running 48K --> RME digiface --> Logic studio . . .console is MCI JH600

First up is my clone described in this thread.

U87 clone digital

U87 clone to tape

Next, all original vintage U87 #1

Vintage U87 #1 digital

Vintage U87 #1 tape

Next, we have an original U87 repaired with a Peluso capsule. So, for sonic differences induced by circuit and body, this is a good candidate because the capsule is the same as the clone build.

Vintage U87 w/ Peluso capsule digital

Vintage U87 w/ Peluso capsule to tape

Next, for reference, we put up an original vintage km84. . . here's digital

and KM84 to tape

And, because we've used a lot of Audio Technica's mics in studio and have found them to be well priced and very consistent from unit to unit, here is an AT4033 which we know to sound good on this guitar from previous recordings. Here is AT4033 digital

and AT4033 to tape

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